alone again, unnaturally

As enjoyable as it was to plant the seeds of a new village on Sunday night, it’s not really the same thing as being surrounded on a daily basis by people I know well and love. So starting work this week has been a bit of a challenge on many levels. First, I’m teaching classes that are new to me, so the level of prep involved is intense. Second, while my ACMT colleagues are quite nice, it’s not the same as having Weez and Andy and Tona and David all within shouting distance of my office. And third, at the end of the day I come home to an apartment where my reclusive teen shares more dirty dishes and towels than actual conversation.

So that’s the tradeoff, really, for the many good things about being here. Yes, it’s beautiful–beyond beautiful, really. Yes, the weather is 1000% nicer than Rochester right now (though it looks like cold rain and wind are on their way soon). And yes, I’m loving the food and the shops and the walkability of the city. But no, I’m not sure that really compensates for being this far away from the people I love.

It’s times like these that being an off-the-chart extrovert is a challenge. A certain amount of alone time I can tolerate, but I’m starting to push past my comfortable limit for that. The good news is that tools like Skype and Google Voice are making it possible for me to stay in touch with the people I love even though they’re thousands of miles away.

In more mundane news, after my class today I realized that I could no longer make phone calls or send texts from my phone–although my data plan was still working. So I took the bus down to the Tommy Hipermarket (grocery store), where they have a small counter inside for the VIP mobile carrier that my SIM is from. Happily, there was an English-speaking person at the counter, and he helped me set up a voice and text plan that will give me unlimited texts to Croatian phones, 200 minutes of calling to Croatian phones, and 512MB of data–for the whopping price of 70kn ($12). On my way home, I managed to find one of the two “shopping malls” here in Dubrovnik, which is kind of like a very small indoor strip mall. The good news is that all the shoe stores seem to be having sales, so I sense a new pair of walking boots in my very near future!

Not much in the way of photos today. Too busy with this whole “day job” thing. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to report over the weekend…

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