walking the walls

muffinsToday I spent the morning doing not-very-enjoyable committee work. While I worked, I also baked my first batch of muffins–using the baking powder that my colleague Mike brought me. Alex ate 3.5 of them, (I got 1.5, Sebastian got 1), so I’m considering the experiment a success. I need to tweak the recipe a bit (measuring was difficult with the single measuring spoon and giant measuring cup I’ve got to work with), but I plan to make more tomorrow so I can bring the “thank you” muffins to Mike.

This afternoon, however, I took a break from the unpleasant work and headed to the Old Town with Alex and Sebastian. We bought tickets for the City Walls (90kn for the grownups, 30kn for Alex), and they were worth *every cent*. We spent about two hours leisurely strolling along the top of the wall, climbing up into towers and down into nooks and crannies, stopping to gaze out at the ocean and the rooftops and the harbor and the mountains. The weather was picture-perfect–upper 50s, minimal wind, copious sunshine. I took a *lot* of photos, and uploaded them all to a Flickr set.

Then I came back to the apartment to finish work on the not-so-fun stuff, which I made significant progress on, so I can at least feel like the time wasn’t wasted.

Tomorrow will be all course prep, all day…we’re T-4 days from classes starting, and I’m not at all ready. But Lane arrived today, so I’m hoping to get a chance to see him at some point–maybe when I bring Mike’s muffins to ACMT. And my reward for having spent the day being a good little worker bee will be going to D’Vino Wine Bar with Sebastian to try a flight of local wines (and sample the antipasto), and then taking in a concert by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra in the Revelin Fortress.

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