settling in

Today is the first day that I managed to walk to ACMT (in the morning) and the Old Town (in the evening) without having to check Google Maps to see if I was headed the right direction. I think that means I’m settling in.

Last night, my friend Erhardt noted that my Google Chat status said “home”, asking whether I really had resettled myself both physically and spiritually that quickly. While the status was inadvertent, I realized that I’m already starting to feel a bit at home here, which made me happy.

On my balcony door, I have this post-it note, from my last visit to Madison. It makes me smile to see it, and I think it does make this feel a bit more like home.


Today was a healthy mix of work and leisure. When I woke up, Alex was still awake–it’s the first time since we arrived on Friday that he hasn’t slept through the daylight! To celebrate, I took him down to the Old Town for coffee, followed by a strudel from a bakery near ACMT which we ate in the park above the college. Then I dropped some paperwork off, and chatted with the associate dean and another faculty member. By then it was lunchtime, and we headed back up the stairs (I counted this time–314, not including several steep inclines without steps) to the apartment.

I spent the afternoon working–course prep for the two classes I’m teaching this quarter, as well as dealing with various lingering committee responsibilities from Rochester and triaging email. At dinnertime, however, Sebastian let me know he’d arrived in town, so I headed to the Old Town to have dinner with him. On my way through the Pile Gate I ran into my colleague Bob Croog (whom I’d had dinner with the night before), and we chatted while I waited for Sebastian to find his way to us through the maze of walkways and stairs that is Dubrovnik. We decided to all eat together, but it took us a while to find a restaurant that (a) Bob approved of (he’s been here twice before, and knows the restaurants better than we do), and (b) that was open (since many places are closed through the beginning of March). We ended up at Renaissance, where I had a delicious seafood risotto and a shared bottle of Plavac Mali wine (along with complimentary shots of grappa and a nice créme caramel for dessert).

Then I climbed the stairs back to my apartment–coming from the Old Town, it’s 368 steps rather than 314, so I expect that the current trend of my clothes getting looser despite my dinnertime indulgences will continue.

I had planned to go straight to bed, but realized that I had several conference paper reviews due, so I’ve just completed those. I’m really off to bed now, with every intention of baking my first batch of blueberry muffins in the new apartment tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll even coax Sebastian over to share them!

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