the expats come marching in

I arrived earlier than most of the RIT faculty teaching this quarter, because I wanted time to settle in before classes started. But the Rochesterians are starting to arrive this week, and it’s fun to see a community starting to emerge. This morning I went to ACMT start settling into my office, which I’ll be sharing with Mike Floeser and TJ Borelli. I set up the Mac that will be my office computer (I’d prefer not to have to carry my laptop up and down the stairs if I don’t have to), and figured out how to open the window and shutters so that I can get fresh air and sunshine.


After that, I went to the police station with the HR person from ACMT and the two interpreters who are here this quarter (Bill DeGroote and Deb Cooper), to get registered to work in Croatia. I showed Bill and Deb photos from the apartment, and invited them to the ex-pat dinner I’m planning for Sunday night.

Then I headed back to the apartment (which is much closer to the police station than ACMT) to work on course prep and participate in a work-related conference call. I got to see another spectacular sunset from my terrace, which took the sting out of the conference call stress. Then at 6:30 I met up with Mike Floeser and Robert Croog, who’d just arrived from Rochester, and we had dinner at Taj Mahal in the Old Town. It’s the first time I’ve been in the Old Town at night, and it was really beautiful.


The food at Taj Mahal is traditional Bosnian fare, at very reasonable prices–we all had hearty dinners, and shared a bottle of wine, and the price was 370kn (with a tip, that was about 135kn each, or $23). I wish I’d take a picture of the inside of the restaurant; it’s tiny (only about four tables inside, though I’m sure in warmer weather they seat far more outside), and very rustic and cozy. I had the ćevapčići, a traditional balkan dish that was delicious!

Then I had to climb the ~400 steps back up to my apartment, so I’m pretty sure I burned off most of the calories I took in during dinner. 🙂

(Oh, and Mike brought me my coveted double-acting baking powder, so tomorrow there will be muffins! Yay!)

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