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I’ve had quite a day today–nearly all of it wonderful. I’m exhausted, though, so this won’t be as long a post as it might otherwise be. (My Fitbit, which won’t last much longer since I forgot to bring the charger, says I walked just under 20K steps, nearly 8 miles, and climbed the equivalent of 117 flights of stairs!)

This morning I had an appointment to meet with HR at ACMT to go to the police station and become properly registered to teach here in Dubrovnik. I woke up fairly early, and decided to head down to the Old Town to get a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunny morning. As I entered the Pile Gate, however, I was waylaid by a charming fisherman-turned-restauranteur who took me on a tour of the old town and harbor, and then joined me for my coffee. He was quite enthusiastically flirtatious, which was a lovely boost to my ego, but I have no intention of letting it go further than that. (I will, however, definitely visit his restaurant when it reopens for the season next month–it got great reviews on TripAdvisor, and he really was a charming man.)

From there I went to ACMT where they put off my police station visit, but did give me the keys to my office (shared with two Rochester colleagues, TJ Borelli and Mike Floeser), as well as the teaching lab, copy room, and ladies’ washroom on the 3rd (well, 4th by US reckoning) floor. I explored all of those, and tested out the instructor’s workstation and projector in the teaching lab.

From ACMT, I decided to see if I could figure out the bus system, so I took the bus from there to the port (where I picked up a few more groceries at the Super Konzum), and then from the port to just below where our apartment is. (I could have stayed on the bus for 5-10 more minutes and gotten off above the apartment instead, but that seemed unnecessary.)

When I arrived back at the apartment, I found that the water had been turned off due to construction on the street below. So instead of doing laundry, I decided to try the trek up Mt Srdj. The walking path is just above our street, and since the cable car is being serviced this week, that was my only option to get up there. It was an amazing climb. A bit tricky, since the paths are are rock/rubble, and you need to pay close attention to where you put your feet, but worth every bit of concentration. I took a lot of photos, and have uploaded them all to Flickr:

I made it back down the mountain before it got dark, and had a lovely video chat with Weez while the sun began to set over the Adriatic.


All in all, there’s not much to complain about there.

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