sunday, stormy sunday

Today there was rain–lots and lots of rain. And thunder, and lightning (though not so very very frightening). So I spent the day inside, nesting. The kitchen has been organized, the first pot of coffee has been made, my favorite candleholder is on the table.

Thinking of you, Weez, and wishing you were here to share this inaugural pot of coffee and enjoy the view with me. <3

Still life with wine from Croatia and a candelabra from Santa Ynez valley.

Gordana (my landlady) stopped by after lunch with some cleaning supplies (which I can now cross off my shopping list), a rack for drying laundry on the porch, a bottle of Croatian wine made by a friend of hers in Split, an umbrella, and a muffin pan that she bought for me in Split.

There was enough of an opening in the rain clouds at sunset (around 5:30pm our time) for there to be some nice colors in the sky. My camera did a decent, if not perfect, job of capturing them. I really should read the manual so I can figure out how to tweak its settings for things like sunset shots.

Stormy Sunset 4

(There are a few more photos of today’s rain clouds and sunset in today’s Flickr set.)

Alex finally got out of bed around 4pm; he seems determined to keep his clock on a Rochester schedule, and I’ve decided that it’s not worth arguing about. The only real problem is that he wants to explore the city when he’s awake, and I’m still a bit edgy about his wandering while I’m asleep, especially on rain-slick steep stairs and along construction routes with deep and mostly-unmarked pits.

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with the HR department at ACMT at 10am, so that they can register me properly with the local police department for my stay. Then I’m hoping to check out my office, and possibly meet some of the ACMT staff. After that, since it’s supposed to be a beautiful day, my plan is to either walk the city walls or climb Mt Srdj; we’ll see what my energy level is like!

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