the lawleys have landed!

Alex and I left Rochester at 11:30 on Thursday morning, and arrived here in Dubrovnik at 12:30pm on Friday (6:30am in back-home time). Everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped–no overweight or lost luggage, no problems with tickets or seats or customs or immigration, no difficult seatmates. I even managed to sleep for a good portion of the Philly-Frankfurt leg–aided by a glass of wine with dinner, two benadryl, and a melatonin!

We were met at the airport by Drazenka, the advisor at ACMT (where I’ll be teaching), who had a cab ready for us. The drive in from the airport was stunningly beautiful.


The cab dropped us at the side of the road that runs beneath Mt Srdj, where we were met by our landlady, Gordana. She helped us wrangle our suitcases down the narrow walkway and stairs to our new home. (I didn’t take photos of the walk because my hands were a bit full, but I’ll document it all tomorrow.)

The apartment is every bit as beautiful as the photos made it look, and the view from the terrace is absolutely gorgeous. The only downside thus far is that it does get pretty chilly in the evenings. There are wall-mounted heaters in the living room and each of the bedrooms, but they’re not very powerful, so it’s good we brought sweaters!

After she got us settled in, Gordana went off to work (she’s a lawyer for a local hotel chain), and then came back around 4pm to take us on an “orienting” drive as well as a trip to one of the larger grocery stores. Alex had passed out at that point, since he hadn’t slept at all on the trip, so I got a solo trip to see the general layout of the city (convoluted doesn’t come close to describing it…I’m going to be very dependent on my GPS-enabled phone, I think!), and then to the Tommy grocery store. My kitchen is now stocked with basics, although I was unable to find things like baking powder and baking soda. I imagine they can be found, but I just have to figure out what they’re called here. (Without them I can’t make muffins, and that would be very sad!) I did pick up a bottle of Croatian wine–it cost 21kn, which is less than $4, and it’s remarkably good! That bodes well for entertaining 🙂

There was a mobile phone mini-store in the grocery store, so I bought two SIM cards. Unfortunately, the documentation (print and online) is all in Croatian, so I’ve been struggling a bit with how to get data working on the SIM. The price is quite reasonable–70kn for 1GB a month, which is about $12–but figuring out how to get everything enabled is non-trivial. I may have to take it all in to ACMT on Monday so that someone with better Croatian and English skills can help me translate! (I will say that Google’s ability to translate Croatian has been incredibly helpful already.)

I suspect some of my frustration with getting everything working is due to exhaustion, so I’m about to head to bed. Here’s hoping jetlag doesn’t leave me wide awake in the middle of the night!


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