T-19 days and counting…

There really aren’t a huge number of things I need to do before we go, but that’s not stopping me from panicking a bit as the date grows closer!

Last week I had a lovely lunch with my colleague Ed Holden (who blogged about his time in Dubrovnik on Travels of Ed), and asked about things I might miss while I’m there that I should tuck into a suitcase when I’m packing. The only thing he suggested was peanut butter, so that’s been added to my packing list (along with some maple syrup, which is apparently hard to find there).

Still need to acquire a larger suitcase for my checked baggage–I’ve got one rolling duffle, but would like one with more solid construction for breakables. And I’ve just ordered sturdy, TSA-compliant bags for the Alienware (a backpack) and Macbook Air (a shoulder bag).

After playing around with the Panasonic camera I bought, I decided that while I love the zoom, I’m unhappy with the lack focus control. So I sent it back, and am getting the Canon G15 instead. I’ve never had a Canon I didn’t like, so I expect this one will work out well. And I do like that the G15 has an optical viewfinder and a lot more manual control over focus.


  1. You probably already thought of this, but just in case – put the peanut butter and maple syrup in ziplock bags for the trip

  2. Yep 🙂 I’m actually bringing several small bottles of maple syrup, since I want to be able to give them as gifts. And each will be carefully sealed; the last thing I want is syrup-soaked clothes upon arrival!

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