one month out!

Things are starting to come together for the trip. Our tickets have been booked (USAirways rather than Lufthansa, because it was $400 cheaper; I can suffer through a day of USAirways travel for that kind of cost differential). Various travel accessories have been deposited on my porch by Amazon (lightweight carryon, dual-voltage hairdryer, electrical plug adapters, etc).

Today I signed up for a new Visa card, because my bank debit card will charge a 3% foreign transaction fee. I got the Bankamericard Travel Card because it (a) has no foreign transaction fee, and (b) includes an EMV “smart chip” which will make it much easier to use throughout Europe. I hate the idea of having a credit card (I’m working hard at staying consumer-debt-free), but I fully intend to pay it off monthly and I’d prefer not to give the banks an extra 3% of everything I spend. I need to find out how much of a charge M&T will levy on ATM withdrawals overseas, too, although I’m not enthusiastic about switching my banking for a three month period. It might just be worth eating those fees.

Confirmed that AT&T approved my phone unlock, and did some research into TMobile options for prepaid phone/data SIMs in Croatia–looks encouraging. Prices are a lot cheaper than the US! It’s 75hrk (~$14) for 1GB of data monthly, and only 20hrk/$3.50 for 200MB, which is about what I use on a monthly basis now.

I think I’ve moved most of our bills to online payment already–there are a few that get sent on paper, but can be paid via my bank’s online bill payment, so I’ll just need to have my housesitter let me know when those come in.

Picked up new glasses for me and Alex today, and since neither of us take any prescription medication I don’t need to worry about that. Probably should get us both in for doctor’s visits before we leave, though. (And Alex will be getting his braces off before we leave! Yay!)

All in all, it feels like things are starting to come together. It’s very exciting 🙂

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