our dubrovnik apartment

Because Rochester-based faculty rotate in and out of Dubrovnik every quarter to teach at ACMT, RIT maintains relationships with a number of landlords in Dubrovnik who have fully-furnished apartments. (They also give us a housing allowance that should cover most of the cost of rent and utilities.) When the details of my spring assignment had been worked out, I got an email from one of ACMT’s staff members with a list of apartment options. I told her that I was particularly interested in one with a view, and she immediately recommended Apartment Gordana.

After looking at the photos of the apartment, and talking to a faculty member who lived there last year, I was sold!

According to my colleague who lived there last spring, the apartment is a ten-minute walk from ACMT’s building, but a longer walk back because it’s over 400 uphill steps! (Should help compensate for not having access to a gym…) There’s a bus that stops just above the apartment, though, so if I’m carrying packages or it’s raining cats & dogs I’ve got a backup option. Here’s a map showing Google’s suggested walking route from the apartment (A) to ACMT (B).

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