how did this happen?

Five or six years ago, I remember the dean of RIT’s American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, Croatia, coming to talk to our faculty about the new degree program in IT that was being offered there. He encouraged us to consider spending a quarter teaching abroad, since part of the appeal of ACMT’s programs in Croatia is that they’re taught primarily by “real American faculty.” At the time, circumstances didn’t permit me to go, and when Interactive Games & Media split from IT a few years ago ACMT kind of fell off my internal radar.

A few months ago, however, I started thinking about possible opportunities for me to spend some time abroad with Alex, who’s got a strong interest in history and culture. I contacted RIT’s Global Studies office to see if they might be interested in having me teach some IGM classes in Dubrovnik in the spring of 2014. They immediately asked me, however, if I’d be willing to teach some IT classes this spring, because the faculty member scheduled to do so had had to cancel. My first response was to say I couldn’t possibly do it…but then, after some prodding from Alex, and a lot of support from my school’s director, I realized that perhaps I could. So I agreed!

At the same time that I was making these plans, unbeknownst to me my son Lane was talking with his friends about participating in the Computer Science Study Abroad program in Dubrovnik. In that program, a group of CS undegrads and one CS professor travel to Dubrovnik for the spring quarter. The professor teaches some advanced electives that the students can count towards their CS degree, and the students also can take classes on things like Croatian language, or art and culture of the region.

So, in just over six weeks, all three of us will be headed across the ocean to start a three-month adventure in Croatia. I’m hoping to use this blog to share everything from our planning and packing to our daily life in Dubrovnik to our sightseeing and tourism in Croatia and beyond.


  1. Even though we don’t know each other very well, Liz, I can sense your total “excitement” about this pending adventure! And to have Alex and Lane share this with you is even better!
    Lots of luck to all of you….

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