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It's been nearly six months since my last work-related trip--that's probably some kind of record for me over the past few years! But the travel plans are starting to fall into place again, and--perhaps due to the hiatus--I'm finding myself excited rather than exhausted by the prospect of my upcoming trips.

Where am I going? I'm starting with a west coast trip in a little over a week, to Monterey and San Francisco. I'm delighted to be doing a keynote again at Internet Librarian, after missing last year due to the Picture the Impossible game. My talk is going to be on a relatively new subject for me--information visualization (infoviz)--with (not unexpectedly) a social spin on the topic. Then, since I'll already be out west, I'm going to head up to San Francisco for a couple of days to see friends and "take some meetings" before flying back home.

I'll only be home for a short time, however, before I head out again--this time hopping across the pond to London and Spain. In London I'll be speaking at the AdAge Creativity and Technology conference, where my talk is entitled " 'Somewhat Neglected': The vast untapped market for social computing innovations". As soon as that talk is over, I'm headed down to Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, where I'll be talking about Picture the Impossible at CARVI 2010 (8th Congress on Virtual Reality Applications).

So, there will be more airport checkins, more travel photography, and quite likely more blogging in the weeks to come!

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