google to mamamusings: you're dead to us!


Well, apparently it's not that I've slowly slipped down in the rankings.

For some entirely unclear reason, has gone from a page rank of 6/10 to 0/10. This happened once before, and it was temporary. But it's terribly frustrating, since there's no indication of what caused this to happen.

Google-savvy friends: any ideas for how to get back in their good graces?


Update: I turns out that my site is returning 500 errors to the google crawler (verified through It works fine for me with a regular browser, so I've put in a ticket to my hosting provider to try to figure out what's going on.


Strange. I'm still 3/10 without posting anything whatsoever for 2 years.

I would start with having your non-canonical domains 301 Redirect to Right now you have four domains mirroring content, which doesn't look good from a Google POV.

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit your site for reconsideration, "if your site isn't appearing in Google search results, or it's performing more poorly than it once did."

Well, it turns out it was all on the provider's side. They had changed their policies so that you couldn't give write permissions to your group, and for some reason Movable Type was saving files as 666 rather than 644 by default. I changed the umask settings in the config file, and all seems well again.

I submitted my site for reconsideration by Google; I'm hopeful that my previous pagerank will kick back in.

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