google punishes me for not blogging...


For years I've sat squarely in the top ten results in Google for "Liz", due entirely to this blog.

But I've neglected the blog over the past year...status updates on Twitter and Facebook sucked up the "let me tell you about what I'm doing" urges that used to fuel my blogging. And as a result, it appears that I've almost completely dropped off of Google's radar now. Very sad :(

Will that be enough to push me back into a semblance of regular blogging? I don't know. It's hard to find the time for longer-form writing these days, and when I can carve out that time it typically has to be devoted to grant proposals and project writeups rather than thoughtful meanderings here.

On the other hand, part of me suspects that my intellectual productivity has been diminished by my reduced output here; perhaps I need to start putting more of what's percolating in my head into the blog, in hopes that it will jumpstart the longer-form writing that I need to be doing.


Arguably this is google improving it's algorithm; you probably aren't in the top ten Liz's being searched for online...

They're not so much punishing you for not blogging, as for not being as linked-to as you used to be.

Yes, that's what I meant--when I was blogging regularly, I got a lot of "link love." Now that my stray thoughts are being captured inside of walled gardens, there are fewer links and thus lower rank.

Here, here! Honestly I've been missing your keen and unique insights into all things social.

Believe me, I know how hard it can be to get it together to blog... [starting to feel guilty about my blogs...]


I could probably fill half a dozen blog posts describing all the backend modifications I've made to my blog in recent months. I can now sustain over 4,000 hits/second using the siege benchmark, but that will never matter because I never actually create any content.

I've followed this blog since 2004, and don't get to know your thoughts anymore. The same with many other key bloggers.

It is kind of strange, you invest time to get to know someone's perspective online / get fed the viewpoint (even though it is one sided), then that content disappears to a trickle to near nothing.

Since we don't know each other (it is one sided), then I don't get access to Twitter / Facebook, etc ... so not only have you dropped off Google's radar, there is a disappearance from people's feeds too.

Your blogging was appreciated by some of us, and thanks for what you did share over the years.

"Will that be enough to push me back into a semblance of regular blogging?"

No. =)

@Ted...ha! Nothing like a challenge to inspire me.

I actually have a post brewing right expanded version of a response to someone on my Facebook wall.

I figure I changed my eating and exercise habits this summer, with great success...changing my writing habits should be easier. (Famous last words... :)

I've also been asked to blog on a regular basis for a new Huffington Post education section, and I've found that with blogging, the more I write, the more I want to I suspect that's likely to spur rather than restrict my interest in bringing back to life.

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