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Earlier this week I borrowed my father's Epson 4490 Photo Scanner , and I've been trying to work my way through the piles of snapshots that have been sitting in my basement.

I've worked my way through my childhood and high school and college photos, and my first and second weddings, which adds up to 565 photos. (If you want to see the photos, you should be folllowing me on either Facebook or Flickr.)

The scanner definitely speeds things allows me to scan 4-5 photos at a time, does decent color and lighting correction, and separates each photo into a separate image.

This would all be easier if I'd been smart enough to put the date on the back of my photos. Life is easier when digitial cameras handle the date information for you!


I have been wanting to do this for a long time. :-) Btw, the link to the scanner is broken.

Thanks for the heads up on the link; I've fixed it!

Hi, we currently use HP scanners for our photo scanning company in the UK and find that the results are great. We are also looking to invest in further equipment once the company is up and running. Take a look at our website for the results we have achieved.

We use Kodak scanners at DigiDock which scan at 600DPI and can load over 50 photos at a time. The results are excellent and also have the built in colour correction function. Have a look at putting your photos into a slideshow with music and fades it makes for a great gift.

Check our website for an example slideshow

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