liz & alex's road trip adventure, day 1

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We started our trip yesterday morning, and most of the day was spent driving. But we did make two enjoyable stops, including the Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum, and the town of Hell, Michigan.

I'm mostly using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to take photos along the way, both because it's a lot easier to carry it around than my 30D, and because of the fun and unexpected views of the world the Hipstamatic creates.

Here's the creepy b+w version of the cheese museum, which was really quite benign in real life:

Ingersoll Cheese Museum

And here's the post office in Hell, located inside of the "Hell in a Handbasket" general store:

Post Office from Hell

We arrived at my cousin's house in Ann Arbor around 7pm, much less exhausted than I'd feared. They treated us to a lovely dinner of Thai food, and a very relaxing evening hanging out and chatting, followed by a great night's sleep in comfortable guest beds. So, we're off to an awesome start on this trip!

This morning we set out on our longest driving day (7-8 hours, depending on which mapping software you ask), with limited touristy stuff along the way. We'll spend the night tonight with our friends Bo & Joel in Cedar Rapids, and then the following morning hit the Field of Dreams in Dyersville before continuing on to Mitchell, SD for a visit to the Corn Palace. If you follow me on Facebook, you'll see our Foursquare checkins along the way as well.

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So glad you are blogging your trip. Great photos. 2

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