things i did today

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slept late.

feasted on gerald's pancakes and thick slab bacon.

read a trashy novel while i did my grandmother's laundry.

picked up my sister, took her (and the laundry) to my grandmother's nursing home. watched my grandmother and her aide play bingo (and win 70 cents! go grandma!). fed my grandmother hamantaschen and and juice, and tucked her in for a nap. took my sister home.

returned library books; traded in trashy novels i'd read for trashy novels i hadn't. shopped for groceries, none of which would meet with michael pollan's disapproval.

watched the usa/canada gold medal game, while eating delicious oven-fried chicken tenders.

thought a lot about the idea of a game that teaches healthy shopping/cooking/eating philosophies.

read another trashy novel while drinking a martini and listening to the brandenburg concertos.

i really love vacations.

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again thanks

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