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picture the impossible promotional video

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I'm beyond delighted with this animated video that was created by David Cowles and Thomas Sebastien Smolenski for our game:

Please, if you like it, go to YouTube and favorite it!

picture the impossible launches successfully!

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After months of work and worry, we launched Picture the Impossible yesterday. And we couldn't have asked for a smoother, more gratifying launch!

This weekend, my family and students and I spent hours hanging out in the Neighborhood of the Arts, giving out faction code cards to people walking the scavenger hunt route. It was so much fun to have a chance to talk with the people playing the game, hear their excitement, and get their feedback.

We had over 1000 people pre-registered by Friday night, and we've added nearly 400 more since then. My greatest fear all along has been "what if we threw a game and nobody came?", and that fear has been put to rest completely. Now I can focus on making sure we continue to put top-notch content out there for the next 6-1/2 weeks.

This week is all about the arts, and next week is local food and drink--with everything from a recipe contest to a coffeehouse crawl. The following week is a "Rochester firsts" theme, and I think people will be amazed by some of the things that they discover were invented or founded in Rochester.

If you haven't already signed up, it's not too late. Come join us as we explore the best parts of Rochester, past and present!

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  • "There is, of course, nothing socialist in any of Mr. Obama’s policies, as anyone with a passing knowledge of socialism and its evil history knows. But in this country, unlike actual socialist countries, nobody can be compelled to listen to the president. What is most disturbing about all this is what it says about the parents — and the fact that they have such little regard for their children’s intelligence and ability to think."

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  • A nice piece on how it feels to have anonymous hate mail every time you write you publicly. "All of it is, inevitably, anonymous - people will say stuff in letters and as anonymous commenters that they never would say in person, much less on a telephone....I write this not to complain, nor to Broder-ish case for "comity" and "bipartisanship," but to simply point out that I think there is some truth to the idea that the political discourse in this country has gotten toxically coarse to the point where we're not having any kind of discussion about substance at all."

countdown to picture the impossible!

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Yesterday, the D&C installed a countdown clock in their window. We're 8 days from the game starting, but only one day from registration opening!

Picture the Impossible Countdown Clock

Today we'll be sending out the official press release, and tomorrow the paper will run a story in the local section explaining the game.

You know that moment in a roller coaster, where you've been cranking up the side of the steepest hill, and you hang there at the top for a heart-stopping moment before the plunge begins? Yeah, that's how I'm feeling right now. :)

For more information:

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