rochester's horses on parade: where are they now?

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Back in 2001, the High Falls Brewery and DixonSchwabl advertising agency organized the Horses on Parade event in Rochester with artist-decorated fiberglass horses on display all over the city.

After the event was over, the horses were auctioned off. Some stayed in their original locations, some were moved to other public locations, and some were retired and placed in private homes and businesses.

As part of the game we're running this fall, we're developing an interactive map showing horses that are still available for public viewing in the city, and I need your help. Do you know of a horse still on display? If so, can you share its location (as exact an address as you can manage) in the comments below?

The final map will be made publicly available as well as being a part of the game, so that nobody will have to do this work again :)

Thanks in advance!


Update, 8/30: With the help of D&C reporter Victoria Freile, I've created an annotated map of all the horses that we know are publicly viewable. I've still got a couple to add, but it's a good start!

Bing Map Collection of Rochester's Horses on Parade as of August 2009

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Hi Liz...

I passed two of these horses today on 104 as I was coming back to Rochester from the North Country. I don't have exact addresses, but...

one is on 104b in the Village of Red Creek -- in front of a house called Shiloh Place. It's green and is attached to a covered wagon on dispay in the front yard.

the second one is also on 104, but in the Williamson front of a car dealership.

Hope this helps.

Patty Uttaro

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