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Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Amsterdam (the one in Europe, not the one in New York) for an ACM CSCW conference program committee meeting. I haven't been there since I was four years old, so I'm excited to get a chance to see the city a little bit before the meetings begin.

I'll be able to travel lightly on this trip, since I recently purchased a new Asus netbook (the 1005ha, if you must know). The netbook fits neatly into the side pocket of my camera bag, so no need to bring my ginormous 17" macbook pro. The Asus supposedly has a 10.5 hour battery life, which makes it perfect for taking on the road. As a result, instead of a camera bag and a computer bag as carryons, which necessitates a checked bag, I'll be traveling with a camera bag and a carryon suitcase...thereby speeding up the airport time considerably.

I won't have a lot of time to sightsee, since I arrive on Thursday morning, and the meeting begins Friday at 5pm. I assume I'll be exhausted when I arrive, which means about a half day of exploring on Thursday after I nap, and then another half day of sightseeing on Friday (where a friend of a friend who lives there has graciously offered to show me around).

We finish on Sunday at midday (we hope), which means Sunday evening might be good for exploring as well. Then I fly home at midday on Monday, and return immediately to the hustle and bustle of game development crunch time. (More on that when I return.)

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