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I'm in Seattle this week for a Microsoft search event, and they've got us staying at the Westin Bellevue. The hotel is really lovely--in addition to the standard "heavenly bed" and "heavenly shower" that you have at all Westins, and the tasteful decor, the service and food have been excellent.

This morning I noticed that the hotel had used twitter to respond to some other event attendees who'd remarked on the venue, so I posted a comment of my own using the new "public" twitter account that I set up for the conference (and to use for "professional" purposes so that I can continue to jealously protect my personal account). They replied quickly, asking what exactly I'd enjoyed about the hotel. It's clear that they're using twitter as a conversational medium, not as an impersonal marketing channel. They get it.

As I went on with my day, I forgot about the exchange. But then, this afternoon, the message light came on my room phone, and the front desk told me there was an "amenity" to be delivered to my room. Fifteen minutes later, a waiter appeared at my door with a tray of tea and hot water...and, far more importantly, a lovely hand-written thank you note from the Westin staff signed by more than dozen of their staff.

Thank you note from westin bellevue

Now that's customer service. Next time I have to run an event at a hotel in Bellevue, you can bet that I'll be looking at the Westin as my choice. That kind of attention to detail, and engagement with customers, is the best of what social media can effect. Bravo!

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