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(Changed to a version that HBO hasn't [yet] yanked offline for "copyright violations"--and how ironic is that? A government-sponsored concert, restricted outside of the US and pulled down from YouTube due to DMCA. Bah.)

It's hard for me to describe how much that video moved me.

I grew up listening to Pete Seeger, and like David Weinberger, have always thought of him as a true American patriot. Seeing him sing that song on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial today was something I never thought would happen.

(In other news OMG I GOT TO HANG WITH TEH KOALAS!!!1! 4 REAL!! First photo already up on Flickr, many more of my wonderful trip to Taronga Zoo will follow in a few hours.)


Thanks for sharing that - very moving. My favorite folk/political singers are Pat Humphries and Sandy Opataw (aka Emma's Revolution) - they're pretty closely aligned with Pete Seeger. Seeing him and Bob Dylan together is amazing.

Liz, I watched the video and was very moved also, and especially moved when I saw my cousin Dr. George A. at the 4:17min mark! -- I'm pretty sure that was him.

I'm interested in hearing your comments on the new website and President Obama's use of blogging and video updates to communicate with us.

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