n95 to the rescue!

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I'm in Alabama this week for Thanksgiving with the Lawley side of the family. Usually, being on the farm means no internet access (other than occasional dial-up via my mother-in-law's computer), which makes it hard to get work done--or play WoW, which I've returned to with a vengeance now that the expansion is out.

On the way down, however, I remembered JoikuSpot--the software for my Nokia n95 phone that allows me to turn it into a mobile wifi hotspot. The "lite" version I'd been using only supported http protocols, but I downloaded a trial of the premium version and it provides full online access.

The family farm used to be a cellphone dead zone, but in the two years since I was last here, the cell coverage has improved markedly. We can now get Edge data over AT&T; the signal isn't terribly strong, but if you prop your phone in a window it improves markedly. And if you pick the right window, you can then access the JoikuSpot wifi from most places in the house.

Remarkably, even the shaky Edge connection is sufficient to play WoW. It also allows several of us to access the web and/or email at the same time--meaning I don't have to trek the 20 miles into Centreville or Montevallo in order to get online and do some work.

It makes me reluctant to "upgrade" to an iPhone now, because the convenience of wifi anywhere via the n95 is pretty awesome. Anyone know if I can put my iPhone's SIM card into my n95 if/when I need that capability? That would make the iPhone upgrade more attractive. Then again, I may just wait until the next gen iPhone makes an appearance, since I"m happy enough with the n95 for now...

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