crazy time


4: days since my laptop died, apparently from something I spilled on it though I don't remember such a spill happening. the bad news? it will be very expensive to repair, and it won't be done before I leave town this weekend. the good news? my department will pay for it, I have a loaner computer, and my time capsule backup worked perfectly.

3: days since I realized that my iPod touch wasn't in my computer bag where I thought I'd left it. no sign of it in the house or the office. the bad news? it seems to have been misplaced on my trip to new york. the good news? none, really. i'm eligible for a phone upgrade next month, so i guess this means i'm getting an iphone despite my misgivings about its battery life.

2: days until the entrepreneurship conference at RIT. the bad news? I'm completely unprepared for the workshop I'm giving there. the good news? it's a topic I know well enough to pull things together quickly.

3: days until I leave for seattle for this year's social computing symposium. the bad news? i'm totally overwhelmed by getting all the details in order, preparing my own talk, and responding to all the email. the good news? i love the symposium and can't wait to see so many people I respect and enjoy.

6: days until the first of three class days I'll miss while traveling. the bad news? I have to prepare self-guided materials for all of those days, and that's a lot of work. the good news? um...

14: days until my conference talk in monterey at internet librarian. the bad news? haven't even thought about the talk yet. and I have to take a redeye home as soon as my talk is over. the good news? fabulous conference, great people, and I adore monterey.

In other news, I seem to have stopped playing WoW. Not sure why, really. Nothing happened that I can remember...I got busy with other stuff, and suddenly realized that I didn't miss it. Weird.


Ah, but we miss you. :)

By the way, if there's anything I can do to help, just ask.

Well, with regards to 2 I think you did very well. Together with Ross's keynote your talk were my favorite engagements that day.

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