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Fall is always a hectic time of year for me, with annual conference obligations on top of the school year beginning. I keep my schedule up to date in Dopplr, but for those of you wondering where I'll be over the next few weeks, here's the short version...

I'll be in NYC on Friday and Saturday, to give a talk at the New York Public Library. (It's for their staff, not for the public.) Gerald's coming with me, and we're planning to go to the Little Feat concert Friday night in Manhattan. We've got Saturday pretty much free, so drop me a line if you want to get together.

Next month I've got two west coast commitments--the social computing symposium at Microsoft Research, and the Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey. Those are two of my most favorite events! Normally they're not back to back, but this year they are, so instead of doing two cross-country round trips (not fun with air travel the way it is these days), I'm going to spend a few days in the bay area between the two events. So it looks like Seattle (Redmond) 10/11-15, Berkeley or Palo Alto 10/16-19, and Monterey 10/19-21. Then a redeye home on Wednesday night (ugh!) so I can teach on Thursday.

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If you're free Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when you're in Seattle, let's grab dinner or lunch(I'll be gone during the weekend)

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