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Despite the negative purchasing experience, we love, love, love our Scion xB. Gerald keeps coming up with excuses to run errands in it because it's so much fun to drive. The sound system rocks, we love the XM radio, and it handles really nicely. Fuel economy isn't fabulous, but it's much better than the Tribeca. Currently we're getting 26.5mpg average with almost all city driving. The Tribeca was around 19mpg. Yay Scion!

The one aggravating thing is that many stereo and navigation controls are disabled when the car is moving. I understand the safety reasons for this, but since so often there's somebody in the passenger seat, it would be nice to be able to override. Happily, I found step by step directions on how to do exactly that on one of the Scion xB forums. Yay internet forums! Yay Google!

We also bought a new mattress last month. After experiencing sticker shock at the local mattress stores (do you know how hard it is to find a halfway decent king-sized mattress for under $1500?), and discovering that I really liked the memory foam mattresses (which run $2500 and up), we ended up taking a look at Much to my amazement, they sell a 14" pillowtop king-size memory foam mattress for under $700. (With the discount on mattresses that day, and coupon, our total cost for the mattress, including shipping, was $650.) So we took a chance and bought one. The verdict? We love it. It's comfortable for both of us, and I particularly love the lack of motion transfer when either of us gets in or out of bed. I'm sleeping better, and waking with fewer aches and pains. Yay Overstock! Yay online shopping!

And finally, we had a meeting today for the faculty and staff associated with the lab for social computing and it was great. So much positive energy, so many good ideas, so much potential for us to kick ass this year. Yay RIT Lab for Social Computing! Yay colleagues!

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