dorschel's dreadful difference redux

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For some reason, my recent entry detailing my miserable experience at Dorschel Scion has disappeared from Google's index. The rest of my site is there, but that one entry no longer appears in any searches, even for the exact entry name, even when I limit it to my site only.

Bizarre. I've posted a query to a Google discussion group about how that might have happened, but in the meantime I'm posting this pointer entry that perhaps will be picked up by the next crawl.

I can haz page back?

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Shame on Dorschel Scion. I suppose it's too early to say Shame on Google but it does give one pause, doesn't it. Is Google googlewashing its index of unflattering reviews of a paying advertiser, Dorschel Scion to the detriment of Google Search users and prospective Scion buyers in the greater Rochester, NY area? It's possible.

The good news is that Yahoo! Search is in your corner.

Search for "dorschel scion":
on Yahoo!...your recent entry is currently result #15
on Google...your recent entry remains absent

It bears noting that this post itself has risen to #10 in a Google search for "dorschel scion". Haha! If there be a conspiracy (which is not beyond the realm of reason), the conspirators are morons. Indeed! Insofar as this fits the Dorschel Scion profile; it lends credibility to the idea that a Google-Dorschel Scion conspiracy exists.


I am dying to hear how the management team at Dorschel Scion (or Toyota/Scion) tries to sweet talk you, buy you off, shut you up, or further sweep your complaints under the rug when they realize the cost of dissing you.

Please keep us informed.

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