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I'm narrowing in on my MSR research topic for this summer. It looks as though I'm going to focus on assessing issues of selective sharing and access in social software systems. This would focus on boundary issues in many ways...who has access to what, and when? From LiveJournal friend groups used to limit access to specific blog posts to the way that changing relationships (from leaving a job to graduating from a college to breaking up in a relationship).

If you know of any interesting research or analysis already done on these issues of shifting boundaries for sharing and access, I'd love to hear about them!

I'm trying to figure out what to use for managing the citations I collect. isn't ideal for citation management for research. It's been a while since I looked at the features of CiteULike and one significantly better than another for this?

I'm also considering Zotero, which I love for a personal research tool, but I'm not sure how well I can share my collected references with others using it. Similarly, our library gives us access to EndNoteWeb, but I don't think there's any way to share a set of citations with anyone not using the system.

Suggestions for balancing these needs are welcome :)


I really like for highlighting/annotating web pages and then those highlights are saved with your bookmarked site--and/or shared with others. However, it doesn't really generate citations.

Obviously there are thousands of social bookmarking sites at this point, many of them based on the open source software Pligg. These are not for you. I also agree with you that will not meet your needs.

CiteULike is significantly better for the professional resource sharing that you are looking for. Connotea has a slightly more social bookmarking feel, than does CiteULike IMHO; although I believe Connotea has more tools and options, and a nicer UI. You could also check out if you wanted to be able to share and catalog bookmarks in addition to publications.

You also might wonder who I am, since I have left a couple posts on your site. My name is Steve, and I am an RIT alum, with a BS in CS. I've gone on to work as a software engineer for the likes of Intel and Fidelity Investments, and I have started and run a web development business part-time for about 2 years. Recently I have focused my web development interests on SEO and Social Networking.

I am interested in your projects and research, will bookmark your blog, and intend to follow your work from this point forward. Best wishes to you.


Just a quick plug for CiteULike - I have been using it for a while and think it is great. I find its feature set solid and good support forum.

Good luck,

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