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Many years ago, when I was an insatiable consumer of science fiction, I read a short story in which a human being was temporarily given the ability to experience a performance given by aliens--but the caveat was that the ability was temporary, and could never again be experienced. I believe it was an Isaac Asimov story, but I'm not 100% sure.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I was discussing my memory of the story with Lane the other day, and he'd really like to read it. Unfortunately, I've had no luck finding it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ten minutes after I posted this, I found the story. It's called The Secret Sense.


Any chance it could have been an NSF-related thing. I happened to run across something on convergent systems that rang a bell with me when I saw your posting and I have it bookmarked, but have not yet had the time (mostly money) to track it down. (If you have more details, I will check my Asimov library but that doesn't ring a bell.)
Bainbridge, William Sims [National Science Foundation]. Direct Contact with Extraterrestrials via Computer Emulation. Forthcoming in Culture in the Cosmos.
Abstract: This essay suggests that cognitive science and information technology are progressing in a direction that will make it possible to transmit realistic avatars of individual human beings to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Oops, didn't read your update before posting. Don't have anything from Cosmic Stories but it might be in one of my Asimov collections. I might even have read it. -Craig-

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