my year in cities


Steven Johnson has picked up on Jason Kottke's theme of listing all the cities visited in the previous year. Here's mine:

Colorado Springs, CO
Washington, DC*
Buffalo, NY*
Winnipeg, MB
Montreal, QB
Seattle, WA
Irvine, CA
San Francisco, CA
Madison, WI
Chicago, IL
Monterey, CA

Not as much travel as many years, but more than I realized until I compiled the list. :)

This year will start out with pleasure travel instead of business, since my Christmas gift to Gerald was tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil Love show in Vegas. We leave here on the 10th, get back on the 14th. We'll be staying at the MIrage, which is where the show is performed. I'm looking forward to the show, to the nickel slots, and to the opportunities to take photographs.


Ah you're seeing Love?! Awesome. I want to see that. Have fun!!!

Oh cool, hope you have fun!
I take it that means you're not teaching on the 14th?

We actually get back late Monday morning (I hate redeyes...), but to be on the safe side I've asked Professor Henderson to teach class for me that day.

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