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We've decided, after much family discussion, to adopt a dog, which is a pretty big deal!

Today Erin and Alex and I went to two animal shelters. Our original plan was to look at a pug that was at the downtown shelter, but it had just been adopted. So we headed out to the much larger suburban shelter, Lollypop Farm, to see what was there.

We looked at all the dogs, and picked three to visit with while we were there. Of those three, we narrowed it down to two. And that's where we're stuck--we liked them both, a lot, and couldn't decide. The "adoption counselor" at the shelter suggested that we sleep on it and come back tomorrow, so that's what we decided to do.

Missey.jpgMissey is a chow/akita mix, who's about 3 years old. She's really sweet-tempered and mellow, and has the softest coat I've ever felt on a dog. The only problem with her is that she has a fractured rear leg that didn't heal perfectly, and until we talk to the vet at the shelter tomorrow we don't know how much long-term trouble that could potentially cause for her. It doesn't seem to bother her at all...she trotted around the big visiting room with no limp or sign of discomfort, but the shelter would require us to consult with the vet first.

Morgan.jpgMorgan is a chow/shepherd mix who's about 2 years old. She's a little more energetic and playful than Missey, but not excessively so. She liked playing fetch with a tennis ball, and understood the sit command (which was very encouraging).

So, we'll go back tomorrow, with Lane (and possibly Gerald) along to make the final decision. I'm excited. :)


Heh...anything but a pug! Do you read the Sheldon comic?

They're both so adorable!
And I agree, a pug? 0_o

*sigh* Makes me wish RIT allowed pets...

I know - ask if you can do a "two-fer" at Lollypop and adopt both ;)

Shelter animals really appreciate their homes and it's great you're taking the time and effort to find the best match for you. It would be great if you could take both but that's always a family decision given the work involved. ;-)

I've been volunteering at our shelter since I had to put my dog of 13 years down - it's been an eye-opening experience. There certainly are lots of wonderful animals there and I'm so glad your first stop was a shelter. I live in the land of puppy mills and it's so heartbreaking - esp. with so many abandoned animals perfectly able to adapt into a new home.

Pat yourself and your family on the back - whichever animal you chose will be lucky to have you all!

Congratulations, Liz. Dogs are great companions.

I think the most important thing is to make sure your dog has the same level of energy as your family. If you guys enjoy brisk walks, biking, or playing for long hours outside, then you'll want an energetic dog. If not, go for a more mellow dog who doesn't require as much exercise.

I actually considered the two-fer idea, but because they're both part chow, the shelter told us that either dog would be best off as an "only dog."

Now that we're less than 24 hours from one of them arriving on our doorstep, I'm into full-blow panic/prep mode, trying to figure out all the basics like where will she sleep, do we need gates, should I start with a crate the first day, what kind of food do we need, should we board her or hire a dogsitter while we're away for a week in March, do we we *really* need to brush her teeth daily, etc etc. Ack!

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