corporations bicker, and everybody loses


I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, which was really exciting, because I love watching TV shows on my iPod (especially when I travel). But then I went to the iTunes music store to download the TV shows I wanted--specifically Project Runway, Top Chef, and Battlestar Galactica. Much to my surprise, none of them were there. Since I've downloaded those shows in the past, I was confused...until I did a little research, and discovered that the spat between NBC and Apple had resulted not just in NBC network shows being pulled from the store, but also all of the Bravo and SciFi Channel shows being yanked as well.

That sucks.

My iPod Touch is still great for mobile web browsing (when there's a wifi network around), and for music. But the thing I most wanted to use it for, watching TV shows, is no longer easily done.

The irony of all this is that I'll probably start downloading those shows using BitTorrent, and getting them for free--when I was completely willing to pay a reasonable price for them. So everybody loses here. It's ridiculous.


I used to download House from iTunes until NBC and Apple pulled the plug. You can get a few of those shows on Amazon Unbox, but I believe the service is incompatible with Macs/iPods. (Everyone loses eventually with DRM, too.)

I've been legally downloading my music from itunes for the past several years. Only recently have I started to move to Amazon's DRM free music. I don't know how their Unbox works, but I would be surprised if it was completely incompatible with mac/ipods.

It's such a shame when something like this happens. The modern pay for play services just hasn't been fully hashed out yet I guess :(

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