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computer update

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I've held off for a while on my computer saga update, because I wanted to be sure that I hadn't gone into the fire from the frying pan. So far, however, the news is all good.

After my last post about my frustrations with the MacBook Pro, I got an email from our regional Apple rep, Roger Sampson, who'd been pointed to my blog post by another Apple employee who happens to be one of my students.

Roger offered to escalate my case to a higher level of service, and I gratefully accepted his offer. He also was nice enough to provide me with a loaner MacBook while my MBP went out for repairs once again.

When I got the machine back after its next round of repairs (which included a new antenna), it was still exhibiting problems with both network reception and sleep/wake behavior. At that point, Apple gave me the option of trying to have it repaired again, or of getting a brand-new MacBook Pro to replace it. That was not a difficult choice. So, right before Thanksgiving, I received a new 17" MBP.

So far, I've had zero problems with it, other than a few annoyances related to the Leopard upgrade. The hardware seems stable, I can get wifi reception on the road again, and my frustration levels are greatly reduced.

Many thanks to Roger and the service team at Apple for turning things around before I abandoned Macs for good. :)

good things that happened today

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  • I finished grading projects for my web design class, and many of them were outstanding
  • the boys had a snow day, which made for a very happy household
  • I put down the final payment on our March 1 Bahamas cruise
  • I found out that my lab is getting an unexpected financial gift from a corporate foundation...details to follow when I'm allowed to talk about it!

commenting still broken...pondering next move

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Apparently changes in the way they do rewrite rules on the new server has also broken commenting, and I haven't yet figured out how to fix it. As a result, I need to seriously consider migrating the blog. The two options are to switch to Movable Type 4.0, which requires some reworking of templates but shouldn't require any changes to archive paths (a critical part of this), or to bite the bullet and jump to WordPress. My only concern about the latter, without having done any research at this point, will be preserving the permalink format for my five years' worth of entries. Ugh.

So, commenting is on hiatus until I figure out the next technical step. Sorry. :(

testing, testing, 1-2-3

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We've had some technical trouble this past week with our hosting service--they moved our sites to a new data center, and a bunch of permissions and rewrite rules they changed broke the MT installation. I suppose I should just bite the bullet and upgrade to MT4, but I wanted to get this all working and backed up before I did anything drastic.

If this shows up, it means (I hope) that the problems are over, and posting/commenting should be functional again.

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