our beautiful new living and dining rooms


We've lived in our current house for a little over ten years, and during that time we did basically nothing to the living and/or dining rooms. Until last month they still had the same icky beige carpet and white walls that they had when we arrived.

But at the beginning of November, we started a grand project to transform the space. We took out the old carpet (by "we" I mean "Gerald and Erin," actually), had new bamboo floors installed, painted the walls a rich dark red color, had some of my photographs printed on canvas to hang on the wall, bought new lamps, purchased the Sony Bravia XBR4 46" LCD HDTV from Amazon, and rearranged the furniture layout.

The results? Spectacular.

Remodeled Living Room (from dining room)

It's been lovely to be home on break and able to hang out in the new space and really enjoy it!

(For those who care, there are more photos on Flickr.)


Wow, Liz, that is gorgeous.

Thanks. :) We're pretty delighted with it.

Ditto what Sylvie said. The hardwood floors are beautiful, but the look of the rooms overall (especially with the night lighting) makes you want to just stay there :).

Looks like a professional job, Liz. Most importantly, it also looks warm and inviting. Great work!

what is the name of the color?

I don't remember the name of the color, unfortunately :( Sorry!

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