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I am a compulsive researcher, so when Gerald and I decided to use our tax refund to buy our first real TV in 15 years, I began burrowing deep into web sites and reviews and comparison shopping. After looking at displays in multiple stores, we've both decided that we like the Sony Bravia series best--the lack of reflection is important in the room we'll be in, and the angle viewing on the LCD is remarkably good.

However, even having narrowed it down to a specific brand and size range (46"-52"), as well as knowing we want full 1080p resolution, we're still puzzling over some key differences.

Right now, we're basically trying to decide between two very similarly priced (after applying various discounts, etc) Bravia models.

One is a 52" W-series Bravia, and the other is a 46" XBR-series Bravia. As far as I can tell the major difference between the two is that the XBR series uses the Bravia Engine Pro rather than the Bravia Engine Ex. Further research revealed that what the Pro can do that the Ex cannot is "upconvert" high definition 1080i and 720p signals to 1080p, while the standard BRAVIA Engine only processes standard definition signals.

Unfortunately, this means not a whole lot to me, since I'm new to the world of HDTV. So, dear readers, if you know more about this than I do could you give me your views? Thanks!

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