twenty-minute emergency zelda costume

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For months, Alex has been saying that he wanted to be Link from the Zelda games for Halloween, and I've been putting off looking for the costume. This week, I discovered that you simply cannot buy one of those costumes (unless you want to pay nearly $100 for a serious cosplay version), and he was seriously bummed.

This afternoon, my guilt kicked in bigtime, since tonight at 6:30pm is the middle school Halloween at 3:30pm I headed to Joann Fabrics. I picked up 2.5 yards of a cheap green cotton fabric, and some elastic for the hat (that I ended up not needing). I got back home at 4:30pm, and used the basic idea from this step-by-step guide. I used one of my oversized t-shirts as the cutting guide, and then I simplified the process by making the sleeves part of the one piece tunic, and by simply cutting a slit in the neckline to create the illusion of a collar. A few minutes before 5:00 the cutting and pinning was done. Then I used Alex's sewing machine to sew up the seams on the tunic and the hat (which we cut to fit his head, meaning no bottom seam or elastic were necessary). At 5:15 it was finished. He was delighted, and I think I've earned a parenting gold star.

Here's the costume just after it was finished:


And here's one of him wearing it:


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Yay for costuming! I spent today doing much the same for my younger daughter who needed a costume for a weekend Hallowe'en party. Your Link looks awesome!

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