Well, the cruise may be is off.

Lane fell off his bike today and broke both of his arms wrists. I hate that I'm 2500 miles away from him right now. Erin's with him at the hospital, and will take great care of him, but I want to be there.

It's not clear if he'll really be able to travel this week, or if he'd even want to go on the cruise with two broken arms. The good news is that we have travel insurance for the trip, so we can cancel and get a full refund if it looks like traveling is a bad idea. I don't have many details at the moment, but will update when I have more information.


We don't know a lot more just yet. The right arm break is apparently pretty bad, and they're not yet sure if it will set properly. If not, the trip is definitely off, as they'll need to do surgery. Even if it's iffy, the trip is off, since they'll need to check it soon and possibly reset, so being gone for ten days will be hugely problematic. Only if it turns out being a clean set will we get the okay to travel. They have to sedate him to set the arms and put on the casts, so until that's done, and the follow-up x-rays are complete, we won't know much more. Friends and neighbors are already stopping by the hospital to make sure Erin's holding up okay, too. I'm grateful for both the trip insurance and the health insurance, not to mention our wonderful family and friends. But I wish I were there.


Spoke to the orthopedic resident after they set his arms. The left wrist fracture was stable, but the right was is not. As a result, they want to check in a week--if it hasn't stabilized they may need to do surgery at that point. So, no cruise. Thank goodness Gerald got the trip insurance! Microsoft will change our flights so that we can fly home this weekend to be with him. The whale watching tour company refunded our deposit. And we'll rebook and take a different cruise over the winter when he's fully recovered. It sucks, but it could have been much, much worse.


Oh, no!

If you or Lane need anything at all here in Rochester, Nicole and I are flexible. We can travel at strange times and provide rides or just amusing times :)


Thank goodness it was just his arms, and thank goodness for trip insurance. Sorry that your plans got a little bumpy... I know it will all work out.

It's insane how quickly something can happen. Hopefully his wrists will heal well and he won't have problems later -- I'm sure he'll heal fine (and true, it could be worse). Trip insurance is smart (didn't know that existed). Hope Lane feels better soon :).

So sad about Lane's injury but glad you have the trip insurance. Make sure to take some self-imposed break time to help with your nursing/mothering duties. Alaska and a cruise will be there another time.

Sorry to hear that! I hope his recovery goes well.


What a total and complete drag. If there is anything you/erin/lane need - don't hesitate to ask. I'm minutes away, literally.

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