the nightmare of air travel today

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I got to the airport 8 hours before my scheduled flight, and put myself on the standby list for a 5:10 flight instead of my originally scheduled 9:30pm flight. When I showed up at the gate at 4:40, I found that the flight had been delayed until 7:10--still better than 9:30, so I went back to the Delta club lounge to relax and wait.

At 6:45pm I got cleared from the standby list, and at 6:58pm we pulled away from the gate. But...twenty minutes later, after touring the runways of O'Hare, the captain announced that we had an electrical problem and that maintenance had been called. So it's now 7:35 and we're back at the gate, trapped on the airplane, with no informaiton on how long this might take. Welcome to the wonderful world of today's air travel, eh?

I foolishly chose not to eat before I got on the plane, since I'd had a snack and some drinks in the lounge, and I figured I could buy a snack box on the plane. Bad move on my part...I'm starting to get hungry now, and there's no telling when food or beverages will be accessible.

It doesn't help that I'm seated in a middle seat, next to a woman who's extremely cross about the delay. Yelling into her phone won't help much. :)

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