microsoft lifechat lx-3000 headset on mac os x


The short version: it works, perfectly. Yay!

The long version: I've been wanting a USB headset (headphones + microphone) for a while, primarily to use with Teamspeak (a voice chat program that my WoW guild uses when we do group activities online), but also for VOIP tools like Skype. I'd looked over the options in local stores, and on Amazon, and couldn't find a low-priced but reasonably well rated model that claimed to work with my Mac.

At the Microsoft company store last week, I decided to pick up the Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000--it was only $20, and I figured I could use it on my Vaio even if it didn't work on my Mac. The packaging claimed it was for Windows only (unlike MSFT mice, which usually advertise their cross-platform compatibility quite prominently), so my expectations were low.

I was very pleasantly surprised, however, when I plugged the headset into my MacBook Pro's USB port. Under my sound options I immediately saw "Lifechat LX-3000" as a choice for both input and output. It worked like a charm in the Mac version of Teamspeak.

The headset is comfortable, and the quality of sound seems quite good. On the downside, it's hard to imagine looking any geekier than I do with it on. :)


Thanks for the recommendation Liz, it's now on my to-buy list too :-)

You've got to be kidding - it's selling for $80 in our electronics stores here in Canada - guess I'll have to do some shopping around first!

Amazon (in the US) is selling it for $27.25. I've linked to it in my post...

The $20 is the company store price. One of the perks of working here over the summer. :)

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