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I woke up this morning dreading the day. Tomorrow I leave for six days in California (two in Irvine, four in San Francisco), and I desperately needed a haircut and a new wardrobe before I left. It seemed unlikely that either of those goals were achievable in the one day available to me, but I finally dragged myself out of bed a little after 9 and made what I figured would be the first in a series of futile calls to get an appointment with a stylist. To my amazement, the Pro Club said they could get me in with a stylist at 10:30! So I headed over there, got my ID card taken care of, and had my hair cut by Kelly, who did a wonderful job!

Buoyed, I then went to Crossroads Mall, where I struck out on clothes, but did find some attractive and comfortable sandals and shoes. Still needing presentable clothes for the trip, I decided to give Bellevue Square Mall a try, even though in the past I've found that the clothes there have been too expensive for my tastes, and designed mostly for supermodel-sized women.

What I found, however, was an abundance of beautiful petite-sized clothes (Banana Republic has an entire petite store! And J.Jill has almost as many petites as regular sized clothes), along with incredible sale prices. I ended getting four pairs of beautiful pants, and seven assorted tops--all petite-sized and nicely cut. So I won't be bringing my schlumpy, baggy wardrobe of jeans and fleece tops with me this week.

All in all, it was an excellent day. Very seldom do I do this kind of self-indulgent shopping, and it was miraculous that I found so many beautiful and well-fitting clothes at reasonable prices. Let's hope this is a good omen for the trip!

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Congrats! What wonderful petite karma! And such great information! I had no idea Banana Republic carried petites.

Should Microsoft need me to consult on anything, please, please, please ask. I don't care about the consulting fee. I want to shop for petites. :-)

(Though Friday we went to the mall and I wandered into Talbot's and found a *wonderful* top to go with a skirt I bought on sale a few months back -- you know, you buy the skirt hoping you'll find the top for it -- and a cotton knit dress I have coveted for six months. Both in my size, both on sale, both also allowing me to go to ALA feeling un-schlumpy.

Have a wonderful trip feeling and looking beautiful in your new duds.

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