oh no! not my phone!


Our flights arrived safely in Seattle today (Gerald and I took different flights, since having him travel on the same flight as me was ridiculously expensive), but as we were leaving the airport my phone fell out of my bag and landed directly under the wheel of our heavily laden luggage cart.



The SIM doesn't appear to have been damaged, but the phone is mutilated beyond repair. So, I've got to decide what to do about replacing it. We're not due for a phone upgrade from Cingular for quite a while, so I'll have to buy one outright. Not sure yet what route to take...buying online (eBay or a discount retailer) makes the most sense financially, but it would mean a delay before I have a working phone. Buying it locally would be fast, but expensive.

Rats, rats, rats. Such awful timing!


I'm feeling stress just reading this post! How about... a disposable phone while you ponder your choices?

Good luck with the summer--I am sure it will go well (better for you than your phone, anyway!)

Oh, I had something like that happen in February. I went ahead and bought a new one through my carrier because I couldn't really wait, either.

I've got an extra 3125 if you want to use it - I just bought a new Blackjack and have the Startrek (brand new) just laying around.

Brendyn, you're a lifesaver!

Commiserations. At least you have the SIM. I had my Sony Ericsson stolen in Heathrow, with even some photos that are irreplaceable.

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