entrepreneurial ideas for teens?


Lane has decided that he wants to spend the summer earning money, but he's unenthusiastic about lawn mowing and babysitting as income generating activities. Instead, he'd like to find a way to leverage his not inconsiderable computing skills into moneymaking.

I'd love suggestions from readers about options he could explore. His skills include 3D modeling, Second Life construction and programming (in the teen grid, but it uses the same language and modeling tools as the main grid), digital music conversion, blogging, podcasting, and video editing. (I'm sure I'm missing things, but perhaps he'll read this and tell me what to add. :)


I haven't a clue - is he old enough to work for a company that does any of the above?

My 7 year old is obsessed about earning money too. Unfortunately all of his possibilities/ideas involve me doing a lot of work.

Maybe teaching folks some of the above??

OR - I know - tons of folks have a slew of CDs that they'd probably like to convert to digital. He could run a conversion service. How about converting VHS to dvd too?? I have seen relatively cheap software/hardware packs to do it yourself ($100) - but I just don't have the time...ditto re CDs to MP3s.

I wouldn't see why he couldn't market his access to the teen grid to the adult world in RL. I think there are quite a few of us who will be looking for builders but are still busy on the adult grid but know we want to get to the teen grid eventually.

Or he might think of a way to help teachers in Rochester do podcasts - he could offer them the full package and all they have to do is talk to him on topics/subjects they pick.

I only wish he were in my neighborhood!

Those are great ideas! Thanks. I was actually thinking that he might be able to do something with providing marketing services on the teen grid to businesses. Since it's *extremely* difficult for adults to get access to the teen grid, I'm thinking that there may be quite a market there...

Plus, he would have a "first-mover" advantage. Keep up posted!

Last year I hired a college student to scan negatives for me. It's kind of dull work, but she was able to do her studying while she did it. I'd hire him myself, but the risk of the mail losing negatives is too great.
CD ripping is a good idea, plus, you only have to do each title once.


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