the imaginary conference i wish i could attend

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Anil Dash has written some of the most compelling blog entries out there on why diversity at conferences (and in organizations) really matters. This week he's got two wonderful posts on the topic.

The first, entitled "The Old Boys Club is For Losers," takes aim at some of the people defending their events as completely meritocratic. What's wonderful is that they'll listen to Anil, and respond to him civilly--in a way that they might not if it was someone less inside the magic circle.

The second describes an imaginary conference with an amazing lineup of speakers--an event where, as he quite accurately notes, "nobody would even notice if the wifi went out." Alas, several comments in this one seem to come from people who completely missed the point of the earlier post.

Both are well worth reading, along with the comments that accompany them.

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