kicking off the spring travel season

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I leave Rochester this afternoon for Colorado Springs, where I'll be giving a talk at the SirsiDynix Executive Conference on "Social Computing and the New Community Environment." On the roster with me tomorrow is Lee Rainie of the Pew Internet & American Life project, someone whose talks are always interesting and informative, Gary Price, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on search engine topics, and Helene Blowers, whose work with her staff on "Library 2.0" blew me away at Internet Librarian (alas, I think that post got lost when the servers hosting mamamusings died). So I expect to be a doing a lot of live blogging while I'm there.

I've never been to Colorado Springs, and I'm seriously considering taking the cog railway up to the top of Pikes Peak on Monday. I'm not afraid of heights, but I am a little worried about altitude sickness.

I haven't traveled to a conference since early November, which is a pretty long stretch for me. But the spring is going to be busy in terms of travel. After this trip I'm only home for a week before going to DC to serve on an NSF review panel. March is surprisingly quiet (I'm not going to either ETech or SXSW this year, alas), but in April I've got back-to-back keynotes at WebCom Toronto and Computers in Libraries, and in May I've got back-to-back keynotes at the Manitoba Library Association and WebCom Montreal.

The at the end of May I'm heading back to Seattle to start my ten-week stint as a visiting researcher at MSR. Yay! The boys are still in school during June, but will be heading out with me for July and August. Gerald will be there for all of July and August, and it looks the boys may alternate between Rochester and Seattle so that they spend some time with their friends this summer while still getting a chance to visit friends in Seattle. It's nice that they're old enough to be able to have some voice in their summer plans.

I suspect that the increased travel will lead to increased blogging, as well, since the three months here at home were wonderful for me, but not particularly filled with bloggable events!

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The cog railway is fun and I don't think you'll have trouble with altitude sickness given the gradual climb up. Plus - it's quite amazing to see the view from the top of Pike's Peak. Take an extra layer as it will be exceptionally cold up there. And there's great Mexican food in all kinds of interesting places. Have fun! Will be interested in reading your blogs from all your extraordinary adventures!

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