too many interests, not enough time

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There's too much I want to do in each day, and not enough time to do it in.

I've got a new crochet project, a complicated lacy afghan for the baby daughter of a friend.

I've got a new camera, and the ice storm is begging me to take pictures of it. I'd like to find an open space where I can get photos of these amazing crystallized trees without having to dodge parked cars and construction fences.

I've got the new World of Warcraft expansion installed, and my characters moved to a less stressful, non-PvP I want to play and play for hours and hours, exploring the new content and environment.

And then there's that pesky work thing, ever demanding my attention and engagement. You can't teach well when you're only partially there, so I have to disengage from the rest.

Not to mention the seemingly endless stream of illnesses.


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