have yourself a merry little christmas!

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IMAGE_077Being back in Rochester for Christmas this year is a Good Thing. We have a real tree again, instead of the artificial one we settled for in Seattle. We visited Weez's house tonight for a Christmas eve open house that featured wonderful food prepared by her mom, and we'll see her and her family again tomorrow when they stop by our Christmas Day open house. This year our holidays are all the brighter because Erin's living with us, and it means there's that many more presents under the tree. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the aftermath :)

Right now I'm in the midst of a baking extravaganza. Cookies and brownies and biscotti, oh my! It smells wonderful. I've got Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's "Rockabilly Christmas" playing, which always makes me happy. (One of the things I didn't put in the "five things you probably didn't know about me"--because so many people know it already--is that I love Christmas music.)

May your holidays be happy and warm and filled with friends and family and food and love!

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Merry Christmas Liz! Hopefully there will be some snow so everyone can have a white Christmas.

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