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Last week, my husband went down to visit his mother in Alabama. While he was there, he admired her beautiful new stove and washer/dryer. The result? She bought a set for us.

Yes, that's right. A new washer, a new dryer, a new stove.

And not cheap ones, either. Really, really beautiful items.

The washer and dryer are the Whirlpool Duet HT set, which are high-efficiency units that use significantly less water, power, and detergent than usual units. They're also huge, which makes it easier to laundry for a family of five.

stove.gif The stove, which I picked out tonight at Sears, has me so excited about baking again. It's a Kenmore electric range with a true convection oven (and automatic conversion of time/temp from standard ovens to convection), a glass cooktop with five burners (one high-power unit that boils things super-fast, a warming spot, two regular size burners, and an expandable burner that can adjust to the pot size), and a warming tray, ideal for when one food item is done before others, or one family member gets home later than the rest.

The convection oven made it more expensive, but I did a good bit of research last night, and it really seems as though it's worth it. This article in particularly was pretty convincing, as was the significantly higher baking rating that Consumer Reports gave the "true" convection ovens it reviewed. And I bought a unit that (a) was on sale at Sears, and (b) I managed to get an extra $100 discount on.

So I'm feeling pretty grateful tonight for my mother-in-law's extraordinary generosity. These are gifts that will get years and years and years of use, that will cut our energy bills, and will result in better food on our tables. That's quite a gift!


First of all... what a great mother-in-law!

I love new, nice appliances. Ours are about 8 years old, and really in good shape. They all match, too. Our oven is a dual-fuel (gas range, electric oven) with a warming drawer and a power burner, plus a convection oven.

Everything else earns my praise. I love the balance of gas and electric. The warming drawer is, indeed, useful. The power burner--wowie.

My caution about the convection oven is twofold.

1. I never use it and don't miss it. I bake a lot, and I mean it--I never use it and I don't miss it.

2. It takes away what I *do* want: more space in the oven. I miss the boring old range we had in Palo Alto with the HUGE interior. Because the oven is smaller (with the convection fan taking up so much space), I don't get as much air circulating around things like cookie sheets. I can bake ONE pan at a time or they don't turn out right. And I could not bake a pan of dressing and a 15-pound turkey at the same time.

You may really love that convection oven, but you may also want to take out a ruler and see if you lost any oven space. For me, as someone who goes into power-baking mode several times a year, that was a big lesson.

Actually, the oven on this one is significantly larger than our current one; I think that's partly because of the hidden bottom element, which frees up a huge amount of space. I checked out interiors pretty carefully, and was really impressed with the space on this one.

(I've fixed the link, btw, by grabbing a screen shot of the Sears page and uploading it to my site, rather than using the broken permalinks to the Sears site...)

The fan was surprisingly unobtrusive, as well, leaving quite reasonable amount of depth. No question we could do a turkey and a pan of dressing in there.

(Updated: I just measured our current oven, and it comes out to be about 3.5 cubic feet--much of which is unusable space because of the heating elements. The new one is 5.4 cubic feet, and with the hidden bottom heating element that's probably double our current capacity...)

I have Whirlpool appliances too - the tiniest and cheapest gas stove they make and it is definitely the best one I have ever had. I bake in it all the time and the results are marvellous! Enjoy your new toys :-) Please keep us updated on your Kenmore.

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