not-so-wintery weather


novweather.gifWhat a strange day. Nearly 70 degrees at the end of November.

Our front door is wide open, as are the bedroom windows. Across the street, our neighbors are washing and vacuuming their cars. As is their wont, they've got a radio blasting music loud enough that we can hear it in the kitchen--and today the radio is playing Christmas songs. It's almost surreal to hear Blue Christmas blaring through open windows on a balmy afternoon.


you'll forgive me if i don't appreciate this post, right? considering i'm listening to sleet and freezing rain pelt my bedroom window (i moved here to avoid this! i can't get a break from old man winter ;)

Yeah, here in Washington DC it is really mild. Its very strange.

Hi... just thought I'd tell you that it's odd here in the UK too. We've had the warmest autumn since 1730 (TimesOnline) and I'm eyeing the lawn to just DARE grow another millimeter...!

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