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Moo Tin Supplies
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I bought a bag of plain slide-top tins, which are a perfect fit for 20 Moo minicards. Then I tried a number of approaches to decorating them, with this one winning out.

I printed out the image from the Moo cards on an inkjet printer, then cut it out to fit the lid of the tin. I used some no-primer metal paint to prepare the tin surface, then used spray mount artist's adhesive to place the printed image on the top. (It might have worked without the paint, but I didn't want to chance it.)

After the adhesive set, I sprayed the lid with a digital photo protectant, so that the inkjet ink wouldn't run or smudge.

Now that it's dry, it's perfect. Just enough texture on the top to make it easy to slide the top open. And no need to guess what's inside. :)

1 Comment

They look great, Liz!

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