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One of the greatest gifts of recovery is learning to see the world through new eyes, with a focus on the things to be grateful for rather than the things to resent. So these days my gratitude list is far too long to fit into a blog entry.

There are high points from this year, however. On the big picture level, I'm so grateful to be back in Rochester, surrounded by family and close friends. I'm grateful that our house is full of people and love and laughter every day. I'm grateful for my family's good health.

On the micro level this morning, I'm grateful that we have enough food to keep Lane sated (he's growing at the rate of an inch a month right now, and his appetite has grown along with that). I'm grateful that I got to sleep late this morning, that Alex seems to be getting over his cold, and that Zicam seems to be keeping me healthy. I'm grateful that I remembered to buy eggs yesterday. And I'm grateful that my mom's making a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for all of us.

Last, but not least, I'm grateful for you, all of you who read and comment on this blog. Thanks for keeping me connected to the web in a way that matters. Best wishes to you all for a happy, joyous, and free Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving Liz!

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